Cold Formed Steel

Over the Year Sigma Can Engineering has developed experience in the design of Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) structures. Sigma Can Engineering designed multi-storey buildings using Light Gauge Metal (LGM) stud framing as the primary load-bearing wall system. The Load-bearing CFS Stud Wall framing is mainly used for hotels, retirement homes, schools and condominium projects. We designed these structures with various types of floors and roof systems such as open web steel joists (O.W.S.J.) with composite deck, pre-cast concrete, reinforced concrete slabs and CFS joists with composite concrete deck.

We have a reputation working with and producing detailed shop drawings for Exterior wall framings, Canopy structures, parapet framings and Interior Cold-Formed Steel (Light Gauge Metal) in a wide range of Institutional, Commercial, and Residential construction building markets. Construction with CFS framing provides a higher quality, more cost effective and faster alternative to concrete and wood framing construction and we are especially proud of the format of work we have done in this field. We are committed to meet the needs of our Drywall and Acoustics Contractors to increase profitability and reduce workability with simple connection. As specialists in the design of Cold Formed Steel Framing, we have substantial experience in exterior and interior framing for low, mid and high-rise structures including framed-in-place and panelized construction. We also design complete Cold Formed Steel structures, including roofs, floors and load-bearing walls with metal stud framings. Cold Formed Steel and Sheet Steel is a highly specialized area, and we feel it is necessary to continually increase our understanding and knowledge.


Sigma Can Engineering provides sealed complete design and detailed shop drawings for Cold Formed Steel Stud Framing using the latest software available in the market. We are able to provide our drywall and acoustical contractors with the optimum design solutions to increase productivity and profitability. Sigma Can Engineering offers effective a No Cost technical support and design guide line for projects under estimation to their drywall contractors which are essential in pricing decision.

CFS framing addresses the environmental concerns by utilizing 100% recycled steel, adopt no-waste manufacturing process, provide possibility for large spans, superior stand at earthquakes period, non-combustible, high strength to weight ratio, easy to fabricate, speed the erection, flexible in design and endless geometric possibilities.


These are Some of our notable CFS projects:

  • Sheridan College Branch in Square One, Mississauga.
  • University of Western Ontario – Richard Ivey School of Business.
  • University of Waterloo – Quantum-Nanotechnology Centre
  • McMaster University – Farncombe Digestive Health Research Institute. 
  • Royal Bank Program Data Centre (GCC) Guelph.
  • SUSQ.


These are Some of our notable Acoustical Ceiling Systems Project:

  • Town Hall of Blue Mountain.
  • TTC Station.
  • RBC (GCC) Data Centre.

The Best Service.

Our team at Sigma Can Engineering is committed to providing the best engineering service to meet your engineering needs. We are capable of completing your needs in a timely and affordable manner.

Magdy Attia P.Eng. Senior Structural Engineer

Practice Areas

  • Structural Metal Stud Framing Design for Lateral Forces and Combined Axial and Lateral Loadbearing stud systems.

  • Engineered Material Handling Equipment and produce PSR Report for Cranes, Monorails, and Fall Protection Systems.

  • Design of Racking Systems and Produce PSR Reports.

  • Structural Design for Signs, Awnings, and Canopies.

  • Earth Retaining Structures.

  • Cladding Design.

  • Deep Foundations.

  • Modular Buildings & In-plant Offices.

  • Acoustical Ceilings.

  • Building Audits.