Our Services

Sigma Can Engineering has the resources and experience to be able to provide its clients with high quality and competitive Structural Engineering Consulting Services. Sigma Can Engineering has a wide range of clients including Architectural Consultants, Government Agencies, Corporations, Developers, Contractors, Project Management Firms and private individuals. Customer services and design consistent with Architectural concepts is the basis of our beliefs. The measure of our success is repeat business. Our clients have respected the cost-effective engineering methodology.

Sigma Can Engineering provides structural design service for projects. These projects are carried from the conceptual design stage to detailed design, working drawings, tendering and site review.

The staff at Sigma Can Engineering consist of dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly qualified structural designer engineers, technologists, technicians and support individuals with extensive experience in structural design applied codes, specifications, industry practices, in-house design software, computer software designs, and understanding of building erection procedures. Our staff can co-operate with all other consultants to achieve their goals and objectives to find more efficient ways in design to reduce construction cost. Sigma Can Engineering has also been retained by clients as the prime consultant on building projects. In its capacity, the company offers a complete design and contract administration service to their clients. The scope of work ranges from investigations, design, and restoration of existing buildings to the development of new structures. The design materials include structural steel, wood, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete.

Sigma Can Engineering designed conventional style construction using standard structural steel components such as wide flange, angle, channel, joist, and deck. These structures include single story building, mezzanine, crane runway systems as well as multi-story buildings.


We specialize in:

  • Cold Formed Steel
  • Racking Systems
  • Hoists and Cranes
  • PSR reports
  • Drywall with Light Gauge Metal Stud Framing Design and Production of Detailed Shop Drawings with an Engineering Stamp.
  • Acoustical Ceilings Design and Production of Detailed Shop Drawings with an Engineering Stamp.
  • Warehouse Safety Services and Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Reports (PSR)
  • Rack Inspection Certification of repair, assessment report, design & failure analysis reports and PSR reports.
  • Permits for Mezzannines/Storage Platforms and pick towers
  • Our complete engineering and design capabilities lead to our customer’s complete satisfactions.

Cranes, exterior stud wall framing, loadbering stud wall framing, modular buildings & implant offices, power bin racking systems, racking systems for retail places, racking systems for stirae in warehouses, retaining wall design

The Best Service.

Our team at Sigma Can Engineering is committed to providing the best engineering service to meet your engineering needs. We are capable of completing your needs in a timely and affordable manner.

Magdy Attia P.Eng. Senior Structural Engineer

Practice Areas

  • Structural Metal Stud Framing Design for Lateral Forces and Combined Axial and Lateral Loadbearing stud systems.

  • Engineered Material Handling Equipment and produce PSR Report for Cranes, Monorails, and Fall Protection Systems.

  • Design of Racking Systems and Produce PSR Reports.

  • Structural Design for Signs, Awnings, and Canopies.

  • Earth Retaining Structures.

  • Cladding Design.

  • Deep Foundations.

  • Modular Buildings & In-plant Offices.

  • Acoustical Ceilings.

  • Building Audits.